All boards end-banded with iron bands and visual graded according to new British Standard BS2482:2009 which is the only valid Standard for this product. This new Standard is requestion that the iron bands are fixed by 7 nails, 2 nails each side and 3 nails on the front of the boards ( see following pictures )

The British Standard BS2482:2009 specifies requirement for wooden Scaffold – boards with a width of 225 mm and a thickness of either 38 mm or 63 mm. It covers board sizing, board construction, and timber quality and grading, for which it specifies:

  • for 38mm thick Scaffold-boards, as follows : 1.2m support centre, – a grade that is suitable for support at centres up to 1.2m
  • a single grade for 63mm thick Scaffold-boards that is suitable for support at centres up to 2.5mm

The Scaffold-boards interholz is offering are holding the size after kilning 38x225mm in standard length 3.90m, or other lengths as requested and are 100% PEFC certified.