H.K.L Scaffolding & Formwork Pte Ltd was set up in 1998 that specializes in providing

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marine hardware and services.

We aim to be your one-stop industrial supplier by being the best in pricing, services and inventory range. Today we have established a wide base of customers in the local and oversea region showing reliability in producing quality competitive products and services to meet our entire customer’s request. We are committed to maintain and improve high standard in the quality for our products and services as we progress in the 21st Century, to make sure that the quality of the product or services is not only satisfactory but exceptional.

There are many types of scaffolding that HKL Scaffolding provides. 3 main categories would be:

Suspended Scaffolding
Suspended scaffolding is when the scaffold is securely suspended via rope from the top of a house or building. Suspended scaffolding is made of other components such as switches, levers and pulleys. These allow you to lower yourself from the top of the building all the way down to the bottom.
Supported scaffolding
Supported scaffolding is the one most used at construction sites to build from the ground up. It consists of poles to make a framed scaffold. You climb up a ladder to mount this type of scaffolding and work from the middle length of the scaffold called a platform. It is very important to use sturdy materials and trusted joints and poles to avoid any potential accidents that may cause the life of your workers. HKL Scaffolding frames are manufactured from high tensile structural carbon steel with main load-bearing members having an outside diameter of 42.7mm and a wall thickness of 2.4mm. Our technical data can be found here.
Aerial Scaffolding
Aerial lifts are actually mounted devices that have the capability to be lifted to other elevations and locations. This is extremely helpful to workers when they have a need for the scaffolding to be lifted to a completely different location. However, for this to be accomplished, this is one of the types of scaffolding that requires shackles to prevent them from being accidentally disengaged from the hook carrying the lift.


We believe that long-term customer relationships are build by 3 factors:

Our Pricing

Most, if not all, of our items are directly imported from manufacturers all over the world. Therefore we have the ability to give you competitive prices.

Our Services

“We Believe In Service!” is our company motto and we live by it. Our friendly, fast, efficient and reliable sales personnel are always available to take your orders and assist you and meet your requirements.

Our Inventory

“Being one of Singapore’s largest supply company enable us to keep stocks of our items in sizeable quantities any time ready to ensure on-the time concept in our delivery and commitment with maximum to ensure no delays.