CROSS BRACE is an essential component of frame scaffolding and is used diagonally to secure the stability of one main frame to another in forming the scaffolding system.

SKU: FS-CB1099 or FS-CB1251 or FS-CB1363 or FS-CB1524 or FS-CB1724 or FS-CB1952 or FS-CB1928 or FS-CB2045 or FS-CB2198 Category:
A (Height)

914 mm (Height), 1219 mm (Height), 1524 mm (Height), 1829 mm (Height)

B (Width)

280 mm (Width), 610 mm (Width), 914 mm (Width), 1219 mm (Width)

C (Length)

1099 mm (Length), 1251 mm (Length), 1363 mm (Length), 1524 mm (Length), 1724 mm (Length), 1952 mm (Length), 1928 mm (Length), 2045 mm (Length), 2198 mm (Length)

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