METAL PLANK is designed to be installed within the scaffolding tube and scaffolding frame to serve as a working platform. It incorporates a non-skid surface to prevent slipping when working on the platform.

SKU: MP-210X0.6M or MP-210X0.7M or MP-210X01M or MP-210X1.5M or MP-210X2M or MP-210X2.5M or MP-210X3M or MP-210X4M or MP-240X0.5M or MP-240X1M or MP-240X1.5M or MP-240X2M or MP-240X2.5M or MP-240X3M or MP-240X4M or MP-250X1M or MP-250X2M Category:

210 mm (Width), 240 mm (Width), 250 mm (Width)


45 mm (Diameter)


0.5 meter (Length), 0.6 meter (Length), 0.7 meter (Length), 1.0 meter (Length), 1.5 meter (Length), 2.0 meter (Length), 2.5 meter (Length), 3.0 meter (Length), 4.0 meter (Length)

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